gif, deer plushie using laptop, rotating
"hey gamers! I love to rotate" - Tom (not me the other one), 2018 💕


"identity index"
This page is... a collection of links, bits of content, accumulations of bullshit... that describe what I am and what I do. Something like that...


Tom | he | 27 | rainbow emoji deer emoji |
the words 'Gay for Goo' but flaming, shitty gif

Links: Mastadon is crumbling & some blame the posts :/ awful bird website Music (forgot to make more sorry) Music I like garphic design is my passion second, worse redbubble

Tools & stuff:

Palette tool Very basic but fast & simple color palette bookmarking tool

Gradient mess idk, it's my wallpapers

screenshot of a mastodon post which is a video of a zooming in on my partner who ist-posing in a window in the rosemont Hilton at mff 2018

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its called fashion look it up

s q u e r n c h