gif, deer plushie using laptop, rotating


"identity index"

This page is a collection of links, bits of content, accumulations of detritus that describe what I am and what I do.
Something between a portfolio and a personal site.

Purple distorted text that says Chaotic - with un-distorted white text inside it saying the same
drawing of my cyborg deer fursona bl1p coming out of a purple and pink circle, with a glyph resembling the photoshop mask layer icon behind
drawing of my bunny sheep fursona beep coming out of a pink circle

Tom | he | 30 | laptop emoji deer emoji demisexual flag emoji pansexual flag emoji
Gay for goo

Allegedly real online person
(like the photoshop thing)

Online cyberbuck

What if a bunny had hooves

monochrome cyber deer in a chat icon
Hi 👋
Help your ears feel good by connecting them to music.
album art for music linked below, it's a grid of photos of places
rainbow text graphic that says unstoppable in trans flag rainbow and shades of brown colors

Tools & stuff

Color tool 
Very basic but fast & simple color palette bookmarking tool

URL unfucker 
WIP tool to fix non-human-friendly url treatments

.Beats clock 
Swatch Internet Time clock PWA

Gradient mess 
idk, it's my wallpapers

Printables - downloadable 3d designs

screenshot of a mastodon post which is a video of a zooming in on my partner who is t-posing in a window in the rosemont Hilton at midwest furfest 2018. Click to view the post.

Gloop my slime.

Follow me online for more "content."

You want to boost my toot. Twitter also available.

distorted text inside and over plain text which says fever dream


Made in 2021 | wip - old version